Ellie Said What???!

I really want to learn how to be more nicer to people so I looked it up on the web and am reading it right now.  I think it's working.

I'm going to be so, so sad when Taylor Swift dies.

Mom, why don't you believe I'm a wizard??!

I have not used toilet paper in months!

Daddy, did Jesus do practical jokes on the Sabbath?

It is possible.  Almost anything is possible.  Except walking on lava.

Well, the potty skipped lunch, so I think it's hungry for an extra big dinner!

I really do not like boy people.  Except for Daddy and Christian.  But the rest?  ugh!

I'm going to miss dance class - even though I wanted to quit all the time.

I am going to miss my school because they are writing stories on the computer in January.  But I'm also not going to miss it because I'm having the worse life ever there.

 My part of the dance was to slither around being funny.  Because being funny is part of my life.

If magic isn't real than how could my elf live to be 317 years?  See?  Proved magic was real.

Romney's crazy.  I think daddy should be president.  He'd make good rules.

{watching home alone} This movie is from the olden days.  {from when mom was a kid} Yeah, that's what I meant.

Ugh, I am so sick of 'Twas the night before Christmas.  It is too famous.  Too famous."

Mom did you live in the 1980s???!!!   {yes}  Oh my gosh! That is crazy!!

So I was thinking the bathrooms at school should not be bathrooms because they have baths.  They should be toilet rooms.  But maybe also locker rooms because they have four lockers and a toilet in each one.

You know I'm more of a hip hop star, don't you?

Animals are more special to me than snacks.

Daddy, are you ladylike?

Is that the cloud Jesus is in?

(stomping out to the living room holding up her new underwears in my face {they are not the shape that she wanted})  It is NOT the perfect thing I've been looking for all my li-ife; and I think you know that!!

My new shorts panties are like practice garments. 

Please help us believe in magic and wishes so everyone will believe.  

I'm patting my knees to make more power - for our house.  Is that enough?  to power the lights?

Will you go to abcmouse.com? 6 levels and 360 games, here I come!

I have a CO.  (What's a CO?)  Well it's almost a cold and I REALLY don't want to get an LD.

That pizza with vegetables tastes hor-mantic.  (What does that mean?)  horrible and mantic means really bad!

can Jesus do everything?  Even do the splits?

Why does Heavenly Father get to do what he wants and we don't?  It's not fair!

Stop kissing!!  It sounds like bats on the roof - in the Springtime!!

I promise I'll marry a handsome guy like daddy that goes to church.  (who honors his priesthood and chooses the right to follow Jesus?)  {{Ellie Nods}}  (Deal.  But You gotta pinky swear me)  Okay.

I'm a little bit embarrassed that people think I love andy.  And a little bit not embarrassed.

Jyl is kind of wimpy.  Andy is stronger.  He told me he built the aquatic center.  With his mates.  Alice is kind of strong, too.

Will you buy me fun dip?  Please?  I will stay with you longer when I grow up.  I promise.

(while looking for a lost bracelet) Maybe it was a stranger. A treasure-napper. No, a jewel-napper. Because my bracelet is jewelry. If I find out who took it I will tell them, "________, that was VERY special to me!"

Uh! None of my great ideas are working!

You can die from getting bit by a shark. You can die from getting shot by a gun by someone who doesn't have the Gospel. You can die from getting in a car wreck. You can die from . . . etc.

I tried saying prayers at school one time. We were at lunch and I told Alexis to close her eyes because we're not supposed to talk about heavenly things at school.

This bookmark is a heavenly bookmark because the color is always white.

(while I scratch her back and sing her to sleep, she sleepily says) "I cannot even believe that mothers are this nice . . ..."

I'm galloping like Pegasus!

Heaven's favorite number is 8. And it's favorite year is Christmas.

E: Who created space?
K: Heavenly Father
E: Uh, but I thought he was IN space!! I saw the picture of Jesus and the angels coming from there!!
K: Ellie, all I know is that HF created earth and the heavens.
E: I know who created space, it was Heavenly Father's father and Heavenly Father's father's father.

Dad, I sure hope you don't get old and die when I'm still a kid!

Please don't get fatter. Then I won't like you. I don't like fat people . .

Mom, I was dancing and your fat belly was in the way. Is your fatness from when I was a baby? Maybe you can work on getting that to go away.

This candy is so good I can't believe my mouth.

I can't wait to get to Adventure Club and show Andre that I'm big enough to wear size 7!

Dad, I like Justin Beiber.

I'm an angel. Even though I'm wearing black pants - that is the bad part of heaven.

Daddy, I can talk and drink at the same time, just like the mermaids. I am an incredible girl

E: Well, those lessons are boring - unless you play Holy Games.
D: Holy Games, what are those?
E: Ones that have Jesus or the prophets in them.

I used to like Jacob 99 drops. Now I'm only down to 10 drops.

I know everything. That's more than you.

It wasn't perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! (she tilted off her bike only ONE time while learning)

I know I'm disgusting, I know I am mom. But I'm just a kid. I'm all done giving the dead bug a shower, of course.

I had a gospel-mare. It's where the gospel is in my nightmare!

What's a honeymoon?

Mom, the big lines on your hand mean you are too old to be a mother.

Me and the temple are kinda sorta matchers. (she was wearing white)

The church and the temple are friends to play with each other, because they are neighbors!

I fell asleep with Ellie putting her to bed. In the middle of the night she woke up to get covers and turned over and said, 'Mommy I love you so much. You are the sweetest mommy I ever had.' And promptly fell back to sleep.

Am I the awesomest kid you've ever seen? or had?

E: We're in Idaho Falls!
D: How did you know?
E: I saw the DAD's sign and it warns me I'm in Idaho Falls.
M: (I'm a pocatello girl) Exactly!

Mom, preston took his swimming suit off over at the water party (preston is 1, by the way). And I saw a p**is. There were two ballons and a stick with a pointy end.

E: My brain talk to me a lot.
M: Mine too.
E: Well I bet my brain talks to me more than yours does.
M: Probably.
E: Now my brain is telling me it wants stories tonight. Now it just told me 'yeah it does.'

I found this previous search on google after ellie had used the ipod: "ginepig pishrz" (guinea pig pictures)

The girl who has the first birthday of the summer is the birthdayest girl ever!

We are a camping family!

I smell good. I smell like a princess; like a one of a kind flower. Like all flowers together. Even wildflowers.

Ow, I think I just karate'd myself.

Boys are not gross. Just my friends are.

Hey king, drive the coach!

Just because you are graduating does not mean that you just put a hood on. It means that you get to line up and decide who gets to be the superstar.

I am the queen of all Eye-taho. I'm going upstairs now.

My poop's not working right! It's broken. Maybe you should change from being a haircutter to being a nurse or doctor!

Today is the worse day ever!

My boogers are so yummy I have to keep stopping this puzzle so I can eat them. You should try it. I will eat my boogers forever, even when I grow up.

I do not want to have socks on, because then I will not fall in love.

I forgot I was playing soccer.

Jacob on my soccer team is hot. I have a crush on him. I am getting more boyfriends than ever. He has brown skin, brown people are hot.

Hot means that you are cool. I'm not hot, but Ethan still likes me. You are not hot but you are still beautiful (thank you). Don't tell me thank you, I'm just telling you what Daddy thinks.

I think there's a spaceship behind that cloud right now.

Are those clouds going to crunch loud on us?

I think I just heard a tiny giggle. Huh? I think Jesus and Heavenly Father thought that was funny!

Literally, mom, literally.

So Mom, only women wear bras but men don't?

Did you know some people don't believe in Jesus OR think He is handsome?

Joey!! Benny!! Bobby!! Stop it!! (she is pretending to be a teacher and they are her students-she says this A LOT - and randomly) Quit fighting!

I wish you treated me like you were nicer! like Cassie treats me nice. Like you are nicer to _________ (insert any name) than to me!

You need to clean up those lines on those walls or people are going to come in our house and say, "Huh, they don't clean up very well."

I am just TOO cute!

Are you in the depths of despair?

I will not kiss Kaden on the lips, but I will kiss Ethan.

Mom, will you turn on the cold heat?

Joseph is Satan. He was tempted to choose the wrong and he said "boobs" at church.

Mom even though Madi chooses not to go to church she says she will when she grows up. Then I taught her how to pray. Oh! And I forgot to tell C and B that they need to stop drinking coffee.

Guess what? I have 5 boyfriends!

UGH! Why do you keep making us be your maids!!

Mom, I'm on a diet too. It's an eat anything I want to diet.

I don't need to eat that, I'm already healthy enough.

Daddy we are going to use our powers to give your truck more motor and make it super speed!

How come I have to wear my seat belt? I just want to use my powers to stay sitting down.

Do NOT talk about me growing up, it will just make me cry!!!

E: Is today show and tell day?
M: No.
E: Aw, I wanted to show everyone my new haircut.
M: Don't worry you'll be showing and telling all day long!

This is your temple necklace cuz it's white. When you go the temple you can ask them about it.

Mom, your breath is stinky. You need to plug your nose.

M: Don't you have the handsomest daddy? I want to kiss him all the time
E: In the spirit way he is your brother and that's like kissing your brother on the lips.

If you beat me going potty I will be sad the rest of my life.

Mommy made me lose all my fun. now we need to go back to Portland and Iowa and Disneyland to get it back.

This cookie is so yummy it makes me smile!

Daddy, you look SO handsome. So handome that I want to marry you right now! You are the only person in the world I want to marry. And I will not change my mind when I grow up!!!

I'm and cleaning so good, just like cinderella. When my mommy and daddy come home and see this floor they will say, "oooh, that floor is so sexy."

Well when I grow up I will call my husband, S-E-X-Y.

Mom, what does "Bye, S-E-X-Y" mean?

Actually Heavenly Father and Jesus can see our nakeds, because they're taller than us.

Dad!! That is the COOLEST thing you've EVER done!! (he plunged and uncloged the toilet)

Kendra, would you like to see my fabulous crown?

No, you broke your love for me. You made it smaller.

Well are you ready for some throwings out in the hallway?

I cannot be patient. I cannot be calm until you come. You need to come right now so I'll be calm.

You maybe should come give me cuddles to calm down. Cuddles will make me calm down. I think you should try cuddles.

You made me lose my powers. You made me be warm. I'm not magical anymore. I've lost my powers now. You made me lose em. I am not the lava princess, I'm supposed to be cold like ice cream. You lied to me. You thought I was lava girl, I thought I was lava girl. We lied to each other. I'm hiding. I'm hid now. You can't even find me. Try to find me. TRY TO FIND ME.

If you are NOT gonna understand my words I'm not gonna understand your ever and ever.

When Jesus got holes in his hands did it hurt more than my monkey bites?

You ARE angry! There are two angries, one when you yell and one when you put me in bedroom time!

And when it's time to go to school I'll come out of my room and get the tape and tape my door to the wall.

Mommy, I wish you could kick me out of school and never go to school again.

I wish you would change the rules and change everything!!

If you ever do this to me again I will call the cops on you a million times and they will take you away and I will stop my daddy from rescuing you!!

I wish you had married a different daddy and had different babies so I could never see you again!

I wish I had a mommy who never did this to me and who did not curl their hair as much as me!

I will be three things when I grow up. First, a nurse. Then a ballerina. Then a cowgirl.

ExCUsE ME!!!? Is that how you treat your kids?

WE are going to put on our STYLES!!

Momma you really gotta try snow. Snow is so fun - you getta make snow angels and snowmen and you getta be a momma snowbunny, and I getta be the baby snowbunny, and daddy getsta be a big fat snowbunny!

I just love that guy (the UPS man). He brings us all these gifts and puts them in boxes so we can be surprised when we open them. He's the best!

Mom, your Netflix is melting!

Ben is handsome. When I grow up he will be my boyfriend and Owen will be my husband. I'm going for the older ones now.

Heavenly Father has a lightning switch in heaven. I'm serious. I saw it before I was born.

Things I Love: Heavenly Father, Jesus, My family

Things I Hate: Satan, tornadoes, thunder, lightning

I can sit still on the potty but not at church.

I should go to body school.

When I was in heaven, Heavenly Father told me it was ok to watch a movie after church. He told me.

Ugh! I can smell the cow poo with my mouth!

When the Holy Ghost comes down I'll ask him.

The Holy Ghost thinks Mulan is a bad movie, so the Holy Ghost left me.

You are NOT the queen of all things silly. I am the queen of all things silly and funny!

Don't talk to me very much.

You are a rude woman. You have made yourself in trouble.

Is there a playground at nurse school?

My thinking said to have fruit for my treasure. So I guess I'll have this fruit as my treasure.

Guess what? If you clean this up for me every day it will give you exercise!

I'll let you know when my busies are done, ok?

K: Do you have lots of love for daddy?
E: YES!! But I don't have any love for you. Well my love for you is still baking in my heart. There is some there.

Mom, you are better at cuddling, but Jesus is the best!

E: I don't have a mommy. K: Whose belly did you come out of? E: My own.

But mom, playing is in college, too. And lunch. I know it is.

Please help mommy to make good choices, and please take her yelling away.

Please help I can get married in the temple and live happily ever after.

You are the funniest grandpa in my life!

Heavenly Father tried turning the lightning off and it did not work because the batteries in the lightning switch were dead.

Really this is one of the scariest storms of my WHOLE life!

I really gotta chew right now.

You wanna see my blood dot? My temple broke!

And what about Jesus' wife?

I would miss them and love them but I just don't want to live by them.

No I was not born there. I was born at Costco.

It's just not fair that I can't have a boyfriend right now!

The sleeping race is very boring. Will you push pause on it?

Mom, this is such a lovely forest, don't you think?

I have 4 bandpire teeth.

Dad, my heart (Iowa) is a wonderful place.

Will you tea party with me? Okay I'll go get the fat bum chair for you.

Be careful with me. I am very special.

Don't worry mom. I'm just pretending to die on the cross. My spirit is not really leaving my body.

Hey mom. I'm just changing my skin color (putting brown eyeshadow all over her body). But don't worry it won't make you half white half brown. It will just make me come from Africa.

Turn this song off. (Why?) Because Satan likes it!

I just wanted to do it. Quit ruining my life.

(talking to her butterfly that hatched) Look at owner! Look at owner's hair! I'll be right back, babycakes!

E: I'm twitted. Paper twitted. K: What does that mean? E: When boys like girls and girls like boys. Twitterpated. I'm twitterpated with Christian!

E: Don't tell the dentist! K:What? E: That I ate SUGAR! They will be so mad at me! Promise! K: I promise. E: Promise to keep your promise?

Mommy, sometimes I forget that I love you!

You buttered it for me?! Now you have ruined my day!!!

Tell your brain to think!! Smash your head into your hand to make it work!

I just want to do what I want to do when I want to do it!

Dear Jesus, I love you. Never die again. Please stop Satan because he likes to listen to bad music.

Love ya babe!

Will you pick it up with your pinchy fingers?

(to her baby cousin) Can you say, 'President Monson?'

We need to feed the squirrels nuts. P-nuts. Peanuts.org.

Heavenly Father doesn't want you to bleed, that's why I'm putting lotion on for you.

I can't itch it - then I'll get bum germs!

I will NOT stop kissing boys.

I like sleeping in my naked it's comforTERable.

Mr. Moon is a big dork.

That is perfect junk for me.

Hey dad? That looks like poop.

That is a disgusting junk.

Superman is a rescuer - like Diego.

I'm learning to work like the seven dwarves!

E: I'm the center of your world. D: Yes, but mommy is my world. E: I'm the center of mommy???!!!

The water started getting deeper and scared me. I was so destructed.

Valentines cookie girls move like this [insert crazy dance moves]. And sometimes they do the Lilo dance.

Benny did NOT give me a hug! And I lost my yellow ring from Christian's dentist. Will Benny help me find it?

How dare you!? How dare you, you little mommy!

No jokes. I do not want jokes.

I don't want you to be a working woman. I want you to be a stay-home woman.

The only person I want to talk to right now is Gabriella (HSM).

But I want to eat the wind!!

Look at that cloud constellation, it's a cloud ship!

Grandpa, your house is your truck. (he's a long haul driver)

Mommy, grandpa's weird.

Do you want to see what's in my pants? (her ariel necklace) Heavenly Father is happy I hid it there.

I was asleep and then I appeared in the car. Heavenly Father's magic appeared me in the car!

I can wear a bra anytime I want!

Is 'old navy' a potty word?

I do NOT like apologizing.

Ellie: Mom, you are a good servant. Dad: Ellie, don't call her that! Mom: It's ok, sometimes it's a pretty good description. Ellie: You are a great mommy servant!

Eh emm naht grumpah. Ehh em jus speekun Spahnish.

I never want to see Kendra again.

Ugh! She is annoying me!

Daddy did NOT help me Rock n' Roll. I was Rockin' & Rollin' all by myself!

Only my panties can help make my bum feel better.

I heard Heavenly Father and he said, "I love you forever I love Ellie as long as you're living my Ellie you'll be".

Mom I just saw Heavenly Father and told him that you said, "butt". I told on you.

How DARE you put more soap on my hands!

My nose is running out of burgers.

Mo-om, stop sniffing my ear hairs!

My mother died. Will you be my second mommy?

I hate goodbyes and doggy poo smell.

If you say that again, I will fold my arms and frown at you!

This smells creepy.

Mom, you need to listen to my rules!

This song is dumb. But I like it.

Uncle Jake, you have girl hair!

There is a whole junk of trees! (she thinks the word junk = bunch)

I need more cuddles! (she's very cuddly lately)

I am NOT your daughter anymore!

Mom, you are not the center, I am the center. (the center of what?) The center of Daddy's World. {go find the lyrics to Daddy's Girl}

(listening to Fireflies-Owl City) Mom, they hate goodbyes. I hate goodbyes too!

My tears are squeezing out of my eyes. I almost can't breathe. My spit is sliding down to where my food goes.

Mother, I'm even wearing a bra now.

Mom, will you give me a wedgie?

Daddy's not a prince, he's big and fat!

Look, my heart wiggles.

No, I do not want your love. Your love will hurt my feelings.

Dad, my computer says you need to go away.

I don't need you anymore, mom.

mom stop that. you are annoying me.

dad you are huge.

uh oh, you have departments in your ear.

I want to take my heart out. I do NOT love you and I am NOT letting you love me!!

Mom, I just hate all my friends. (some kids at the park ruined her sand cake)

This is my last song. Then I will play another last song.

Mom, I want to sleep on the ceiling.

I think I'm gonna cry my eyes out.

I don't love that game. I give frowns at it.

I am four years old. I can cross the street all by myself!

No, I did not come out of your belly. I came out of Nana's belly.

Ew, that smells like rotten strawberries! (it was air freshener)

NOOOO! Don't kill Mr. Spiderman! He is a nice spider!

NOOOO! Don't kill fly-guy! He is sweet to me!

Mmm, this smells juicy! (she was sniffing a cascade dishwashing pack)

Mom, you will now come to my tea party. You will be Snow White.

Is Bryson my husband? Is he my boyfriend? Well, I will ask him to marry me!

(after I caught her hiding and putting on TONS of play makeup) Mom, can I put makeup on you? (me: no, Ellie, mommy's already wearing makeup) No you're not! Your face is still ugly!!!

There is Christian's picture. He is so handsome!

If you stay it will make me grumpy. If you leave it will make me sweet. Cuz I'm not done playin at nanas!

pee is hot!

Thanks, Dude!

(while pointing) Mom, that girl is IMMODEST!!!

Unlock my clicker!

Mom I don't want you to lose your marbles. I just want to dance!

My heart is starting to break.

Why doesn't my mommy want to stay home wtih me anymore?

My girlfriend the moon is hiding behind the black clouds!

There is green poop on my knee! Someone pooped on my knee! (it was a grass stain)

Mommy I don't want you to leave me again!

You be the prince and I'll be the princess (1 million x / day)

I had a noodle dream, now I'm gonna eat my kung fu noodles.

I didn't fart! My bum just shaked a little bit.

I held my pee like a grown up, mommy!

My eye ran into my finger!

You are a stupid old mommy.

No, mom, looking at bums is sweet, not grumpy.

April this is my favorite song, "Ice Ice Baby, na na na na na na na"

That broke my throat.


Nope, Jasmine & Ariel can't go to the temple!

I'm wearing this so Jesus doesn't see my naked.

Santa's not your brother, he's your foster brother!!

If I eat it all my tummy will get big, big like my brother Santa?

There's my best friend the helicopter!

My happies are hiding in my ear.

I'm turning into a witchy-poo. See, look at my scary eyes!

I don't like bossy mommies!

My legs wanna take a bath.

I don't need to breathe!

Mom, my heart hurts.

We represent the Lollipop Jew, the Lollipop Jew, the Lollipop Jew.

Mom, where did our nice, warm summer go?

Mommy, you are such a good mommy.

Put your hand on your heart and say the puh-leegaince!

I want some of that icy rain.

Dad, put the peanut butter on your head.

Mom, will you stop the wind?

Daddy, I drew your funny face!

The 'sneezer' is scratching me.

Ellie's house is not in Pocatello, it's at PBS Kids!

I can't fly, I'm too busy!

(while holding my hand at dusk and looking at our tall shadows) I'm tall, tall, tall! Like a human penguin!!

Mama, a spider is in my mouth!

Just go upstairs and make some food mom.

Mom, I just ate a roley poley!

I want Laban's plates.

Stop saying that, it's hurting my ears!

Mom, stop singing!

I see Mr. Sunshine in your eyes!

I don't care.

I hate you.

Mom, get away from my crayons!

I fell and cracked my egg like Humpty Dumpty. I'm kinda like Humpty Dumpty.

Mom, is this my crazy naked dance?

Where's Heavenly Father?

Mr. Sunshine is punching me in the eyes!

Mom, I'm just being sweet.

Dad, will you marry me?

You're Too Late! You'll never find it now!

The Jabberwockeez are on the radio!

Come here butters, I'm gonna stir you! (while helping me make nobake cookies)

Dad, you are my brother.

(to papa after foot surgery) let me see your stranges (stiches)

(to her nana) You are kinda like another mom

We love each other very much!

Owen, No Swiping!

don't lick my magic!

mom, please can i boss?

mommy, i wake up! (after not taking a nap)

no, ellie's not gonna take a nappy-poo

These are my new old shoes.

I'm queen madeea.

The Jabberwalkeez take their mask off?

The helicopters are sleeping.

Mommy don't knock me out!

Mommy where is the big butt?

Hello Moto

Umbrella - ella - ella - ay - ay - ay

Daddy your haircut is pretty!

Daddy, your phone is dancing!

Daddy, you're a princess!

Mommy, Jesus pushed me.

Mommy I want pancakes (as soon as she woke up from a nap)

I wanna see boys (right when she woke up in the morning)

A Bugga Bugga! Ellie kill it!

high cool muzica!

hold tight! hold tight!


a piece-a-piece-a candy

I don't wanna like it

2 old

glossy-us (gracias)

Dora Boots Loves Ellie.

Da F-Bomb (fork)

yucky juice!

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