One Boy, One Girl

Once upon a time (2000) a girl was up at Ricks College and in love.  She had just sent her guitar-playing boyfriend from LA on a mission and had promised herself she'd only go on dates with other guys who she really liked - no more suffering through awkward blind dates or dates she knew were going nowhere.  If she found another guy who seemed promising and fun and she had a great time, she was game - if not . . . yeah.  Well, that girl was me.

And six months later I still hadn't been on a date.  A new school year started and everyone was getting used to their new schedules.  I was in my Biology Lab, which was awesome because as soon as your work was done you could go, regardless if the class was supposed to last from 3-6 p.m.

I was settled into a work-group of other kids who had proved their mettle by completing their assignments in record time AND getting good grades on them.  One Tuesday, out of the blue, some bald guy with cute dimples and church clothes (it was devotional day) walks up and asks to be in our group.  I roll my eyes.  Yeah, if I wanted to cheat, I'd want to be in our group, too.  Not to mention the fact that our group was 3 girls 1 guy . . . {sigh} so we couldn't think of a reason to say no, so we decide to give him a chance.  Just so happens Mr. Dimples was really sweet and polite and funny and fun to be around.  Let's just say we had fun flirting those first few weeks.  I don't think I'd flirted in a long time.

So along comes Conference Weekend in October 2000.  I'm really wanting to get a date out of this guy - strangely surprising myself - but after every class he just said bye and left.  I was going to have to take matters into my own hands.  So one day after class I knew he was leaving right behind me, and I didn't want to make it obvious that I was waiting for him so I walked really s.l.o.w. down the hallway and stairs of the Smith hoping he'd catch up.  And -squee- he did.  I casually bring up Conference Weekend and ask him if he was going to Utah i.e. had any plans and he said no.  Somehow I finagled him into a Shepherd Pie cookoff at my place on Sunday night.  So after I watched Elder Oaks give an amazing Conference talk about 'Becoming' I started dinner waiting for my date.  Meanwhile he was finishing dinner and dessert at his parents' and rushing out the door to catch dinner and dessert with me (can you believe this guy??!).

So we actually have a great time and I surprised my roommates by having a date over.  Afterwards we were just talking and talking and I told him about my family and wanted to show him pictures so we run out to my car and right next to my family picture binder was . . . my binder of baseball cards.  I think at that moment it might have been over for him.  A cute girl that cooked him food and collected baseball cards.  It. was. over.

Well, suffice it to say it didn't take too much longer for me to fall in love, too.  My only problem was that I never stopped loving the first one.  Sucks to love two guys, I can tell you that much.  Something that Bednar taught is that the Holy Ghost rarely gives green lights - but you can count on him to give you red ones if you're doing what you're supposed to be doing.  So I aint getting any red lights so I just decide to go with it.

During Christmas break we could hardly stand to be apart, so on Christmas night I drive up to his place for sledding and hot chocolate.  Afterwards sitting on the couch by the Christmas tree lights we were cuddling and he brings up "So how do you think we would do together, ya know, married?"  Well, neither one of us had mentioned the 'm' word until now.  But he claims in my answer (which I don't remember a word of) that I went from saying 'if' we get married to 'when' we get married.  So apparently I inadvertently sealed the deal.

Two days later he's at my house for sledding on Red Hill and later for a trip down to SLC Temple Square to see the lights.  My mom knowing that we'd talked about 'marriage', and being the subtle manipulator that she is, mentions to us that she saw a flyer in the newspaper about a jewelry store with amazing deals and on our way out of town we might as well check them out.  So we do - and we're looking around at the options and decide we want something super affordable.  So we walk on down to the 'antique jewelry' area.  We found two we liked that matched and ended up getting both for $500.  When we walked out of the store we just looked at each other and went,

"Whoah, we're getting married!"  On that trip to SLC we were on cloud nine.  "Oh my gosh, we have to share a bathroom!! Eww!" {laugh}  That night was pretty romantic under those sparkling lights.

And that my friends is how I got married without a proposal.

Four months later on May 5 we were married for time and all eternity in the Idaho Falls temple.

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