Monday, July 24, 2006


Well, you know how I finished my quilt project? Well my life is basically just one project after another, so my new thing is . . . . scrapbooking!!

Yes, I've finally started all of this stuff i've been planning on getting to for 5 years. I decided the most effective method would be to start with Ellie's birth and do her whole first year. Then I can tidy up and work on other small projects before I start on finishing my FHE kits.

Then I'll go back to scrapbooking. I'm all caught up until May 2001, our wedding ~ so I have over 5 YEARS to scrapbook!!! yikes. It does feel so good to do it though. It's like I've turned over a new leaf in my life and I'm following through on everything I've wanted to do. Not just scrapbooking, but for a week i've been waking up at 6:30 and doing a 30 minutes workout every day. Yes, I do want to lose weight and look better but the main benefits have been mental and emotional. I just feel so good about myself every day I do it. I don't feel lazy, but healthy! I'm even going to start getting up at 6:00 for scripture study. yeah, yeah . . . go me, go me. I usually do it during her first nap, but this will leave more time for scrappbookking!!!

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