Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Workin' 9 to 5

Well actually I now work four hour every day (whenever I want to show up). About a month ago Darik's boss' boss was in his office and asked for my resume because Darik mentioned I was an accountant and looking for a little part-time work. Well the guy took my resume and a few days later I get a call from the controller of ISU asking me to come in for an interview. Why the heck not? So I go in just to check out what job they need me for. It is part-time and flexible--I'm mildly interested.

I come back for the 2nd interview with the other guy and find out that this job will count towards my CPA work experience requirement. Before you can be licensed as a CPA you need 2 years of full-time work exp for a CPA. This had always been a pipe dream, maybe ten years down the road. I don't even want to work full time when kids are in school, so maybe even farther down the road than that. But if I can go back to school and get my MBA part-time (and for free because of Darik's job) and fill the work requirement part-time, that is pretty tempting. I might be a CPA within 5 years instead of in maybe 20!!!

So we thought about it and decided that if it got to be too much to handle I would just quit -- but it wouldn't hurt to try it out. So now every day I bring my two girls over to Nana's house. Ellie plays for two hours and takes a nap for two hours (ideally) before I come back to pick them up. As with everything the situation has pros and cons. First and foremost I've lost my blogging time. Which I'll try to pick back up, hopefully it will be easier when school starts and we have more structure. Until then this is where we're at. It's working for us so far, but the jury is still deliberating :-)

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  1. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Cool, then we will have our own tax accountant--as if when you don't make any money you need one, but if we do make money again we can have someone to do it. Anyone that can beat the IRS at their game is the one for me haha. Good luck Kris.