Saturday, November 17, 2007


First of all, I forgot to use my flash for these -- so I had to go in and brighten them manually. Second of all, I know ellie looks like she has a black eye -- that's a result from her obsession with my mascara. I'm working on keeping her away but she loves to look "precious" as she says.

Anyway . . . one thing that I think is important with ellie is for her to be able to identify and describe how she feels. So I've been working on it. My mom makes fun of me -- we went shopping together and ellie through a tantrum in the cart and I was just walking around asking ellie, "are you angry? do you feel sad?, etc." My mom told me everyone thought I was crazy. But little did she know how smart I was, she went to a certification course for her daycare about children's anger management and guess who's been doing it right all along? ME ! :-) So recently I've been working on teaching her the "faces" so she can identify her feelings better. These are our faces we've been working on:



MAD/ANGRY (stink eye)

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