Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Family OUT Evening

So our weekly family home evening nights had begun to get into a rut. Dinner w/family, lesson, games (on Sunday Night). Which is all well and good -- but ever since ISU started Darik's almost been MIA on Mondays, or we're just at home hanging out. So we decided we needed to go OUT and have FUN. So we fed the missionaries on Monday (we do every other monday) and after their spiritual thought we take off to the SUB for some BOWLING! It was really really fun. After 5 frames I was in last (even behind ELLIE!!) which was quite embarrassing. I ended up pulling a second place out of nowhere and breaking 100. It's really frustrating knocking down 8-9 pins every time and missing the spare. Anyway, at the student union building is also pool tables and arcade games. Well I don't think I've ever played arcade games in my life. Growing up in a poor family makes it hard . . . anyway, Taysha had mentioned that she hoped we could play. So Darik broke a $5 into quarters and we played those driving games against each other. It was hilarious how much fun Taysha had. It was cool to see her so happy and having so much fun. (Especially since that morning she had her first Juvie Court Appt for her shoplifting ticket. She's on probation now. Lots of fun, let me tell ya.)

Anyway, I would have had pictures . . . but waiting for this new darn camera is KILLING me. Once I buy something waiting for it in the mail is almost pure torture. AHHHH!

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  1. Anonymous1:29 PM

    The only question is--Did Darik stop at the stop signs in the driving game? j/k that was always a challenge for him. Love you guys.