Saturday, November 17, 2007


Starting sometime after her second birthday and her swimming lessons ellie decided to be TERRIFIED of taking a bath. It was the biggest pain in the neck. Our little water bug who had for so long lived to take a bath now thought she was going to drown every time she touched the water. Showers worked a little better, but she still was getting to be a pretty dirty kid. But this blog is one to celebrate the passing of those picky, fussy stages that kids go through. And all of a sudden out of thin air about a month ago baths are the coolest thing again. AND she even puts her whole head under without freaking out! Hallelujah!

Before her 2 year old appointment with her pediatrician she HATED to brush her teeth. I know why . . . she never even got her first tooth until she was 14-months old. So at that point I started kind-of brushing teeth. But I was already in the habit at 18-mo of not brushing. At age 2 she probably still only had half of them. But one day she had a lot of candy so I decided she IS brushing before bed. JEEZ you would have thought I was Jack Bauer from 24 torturing the heck out of her. She lost her mind. When I mentioned it to the pediatrician he said just model good behavior and wait for her to be ready to brush like a big girl. So once again Hallelujah!!! she brushes her teeth now, too!

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