Friday, December 28, 2007

Cracker What?!

One of the few Christmas traditions Darik and I have is graham cracker houses. I'm not big into gingerbread because that adds a huge layer of mess and stress -- and who needs it?! For some reason our houses in the past have ranged from cozy cottages to a tribute to the twin towers. This year we gathered bunches of family for it -- one of the funniest parts was trying to protect our houses from ellie eating them as they were being built. And we tried to give out awards at the end, they are as follows:Ellie: Most Random, Biggest Sugar High
Nana & Papa: Most Realistic
(actual model of their house!)
Kortnie: Most Willy Wonka Like
(in her words she said, "don't touch it, cuz it all moves." she just made a big 'ol candy pile)
Hailey: Most Original from Start to Finish, Coolest
(she drew the blueprints herself and built it with a little help)
Taysha & Brooke: The Winter Wonderland Award
Darik & Kris: We Couldn't think of an Award for Ours
but it's my dreamhouse (with candycane pillars) and ours fell down once and we had to rebuild it from scratch with double thick walls for reinforcement.
James & Rachel: Most Spiritual/Most Holy
I think it's the LA Temple


  1. Anonymous4:26 PM

    we'll have to share some pics of gingerbread in Omaha--it has a world of its own.

  2. What a fun idea, I love it!