Friday, January 18, 2008


I've been tagged! From tsa!

These are all of my favorites:

book: oh, don't make me choose! i think my last fave book i read was twilight.

movie: hoosiers. life is beautiful. happy gilmore. i'm everywhere on this one.

color: SILVER! love. it.

TV Show: Office, The Amazing Race, House (also Seinfeld & Gilmore Girls)

guilty pleasure: & i'm a politics junkie

outfit: business casual

body part: on me? my eyes. on D? his eyes, dimples, etc.

kitchen tip: seriously i'm the last person you should ask for a tip.

life lesson: it's all about happiness. there are things in life you think you need to be happy (husband, degree, baby, house, out of college, job, etc.). If you can never learn how to be happy without it you'll never be happy with it.

activity: a date with my sexy man, but it's been a few months on that one.

food: i have discovered that i love to cook if there is no drama of life (kids, counselors, carpools, babysitting) if it's me alone in the house cooking i love it. but in real life i hate the battle of planning-shopping-cooking-cleaning every day.

child raising tip: (1) Limits limits limits--they need to know it's not ok to jump on everyone, write on the wall, etc. (2) enjoy your time at home with them (3) every situation is different -- so don't judge other parents.

game: settlers of catan, canasta, panic, pit, guitar hero - - back in our glory days without kids we had game nights ALL of the time. it's perfect way to have fun and be a home-body at the same time.

tattoo: ???? ummmmm. no.

element: I'm not sure about this question. is it kind of a astrology question? because I'm thinkin of the table of elements right now and the first one i can think of is Boron -- so there.

ok tsa -- that's all she wrote. now I tag . . . uh i'm not sure who reads my blog -- Karen or Hilary.


  1. you're a settlers player!? I love that game, we need to get together!

  2. I enjoyed reading your list. I wish you were here to chat politics with. Ted and I have been really into it this year.
    So you have another friend named Hilary? Oh man, I like to be the only Hilery or Hilary or Hillary around! :)

  3. Ooh, I remember those game nights! What fun!! I don't think we've played Canasta since. It feels like ages ago:( Oh, and I accept the challenge, just give me a day or two.