Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the moment we've all been waiting for

Ellie's first haircut -- EVER! As we've said before she still had her 'original tips' she was born with. But I got sick and tired of a kid who would not let me brush, comb, style, braid, or do anything to her hair. In the off chance she did let me put it in ponytials they lasted about 2 hours before she ripped them out and her hair looked even more ghetto. So although we loved that her hair went halfway down her back, we LOVE the new result:


  1. My mom is cutting Nora's hair this weekend! It will be her first too. I am also tired of the crazy hair! Ted doesn't want to cut it so we will see how short we go. But I love Ellie's hair. What a big girl!

  2. Ellie's hair turned out SO CUTE. You actually inspired me because lately I've been so sick of Jayda's homeless style mullet. So I did a little trimming myself. It doesn't look horrible, but it's also quite apparent that momma never went to beauty school! Pictures to come.