Monday, January 21, 2008

Mommy, Jesus pushed me!

Miraculously Darik and I were one of the few people who didn't have any problems getting tickets to the Rexburg, ID Temple Open House (it'll be dedicated on February 3 - in the middle of the superbowl ;-). So on New Year's Eve we took a trip up there and our 10 tickets covered: Gpa & Gma Briscoe, My mom & dad, the three nieces, and then us (we didn't count ellie cuz we carried her). The had originally designed for groups of 20 people to depart the church every three minutes for almost a month -- and tickets still ran out. And I think people just started showing up without tickets and they didn't turn anyone away, in fact on the opening day (Dec 29th) the computer system glitched and issued twice as many tickets as it was supposed to, so all day instead of groups of 20 people each, the groups had 90 people each. Gratefully our day our group only had 50. The chandeliers in the Celestial Room were so amazing, as was the sealing room of course. It has a really pretty green/blue/cream color scheme.

After lunch at grandpa's house we stopped at the renovated Idaho Falls Temple Visitor's Center and saw all the cool new stuff they had and watched the new Joseph Smith movie. Ellie only lasted halfway thru, so I had to spend the rest of the time out in the foyer with her. She liked the Jesus statue. She stood on the base and jumped off on the ground . . . one time she lost her balanced and biffed on her face -- I ran over to her and picked her up . . . she had a grumpy face on and said, "mommy, Jesus pushed me!"


  1. How funny! Kids can be SO funny with some of the stuff they say.

  2. Oh! That is too cute! What a fun little girl!