Monday, February 11, 2008

ellie smurf

And what does my little ellie have to do with this little bottle of food dye? Well let's just say that I read somewhere to put food dye in the bubble stuff and it makes them really cool (p.s. don't use blue). I just so happen to leave the little bottle out.And below is one of the collateral damages of that decision. A stained table.
We also had a stained Ellie. Here ears, face, and hands all got it pretty good. Since the longer the stuff stays on the skin the harder it is to get out . . . I didn't stop to get blogworthy pictures before throwing her in the bath. (Notice her left hand is VERY BLUE)
This is after the bath eating lunch -- her hand looks pretty gross :-)
By the way, what is it with this two year old stage that is all about ink and paint and dye and markers and most especially using all of these on your own skin?

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  1. Oh man, the messes, I know! I can't say that I don't enjoy the two year old stage, because I love a lot of it, but I'm looking forward to being past the tornado of destruction!