Monday, February 11, 2008

some cuteness

We got a new couch downstairs as a christmas present -- ellie is still at the age when she can duck her head behind the pillow and you can say, "ahh! where'd ellie go?" and she peeks out and thinks she's just the most hilarious thing :-)
This is ellie at nana's house. She is Jus' Chillin'. This is where she sits when she plays Frogger. Yes, that's right, frogger! She likes to play that game on Uncle James' PS2 because she just has to push one button and it makes a HILARIOUS sound when the froggy goes SPLAT.
There is a new Dora movie called Dora Saves the Mermaids. So Ellie is a little bit on a mermaid kick, so she really likes to dunk herself as much as possible in the water and just move her little feet. It's really cute.


  1. I LOVE the pics, especially the bubbles one! So cute! I'm glad we're not the only home dealing with the Dora invasion!

  2. We have those bubble face pictures. That one is so cute I can't quit smiling! Dora Rocks!!