Monday, February 11, 2008


So ever since before Christmas my mom has been trying to find a way to buy a Wii. If anyone has tried to buy one--you know that it is, well, practically impossible. They have people lining up at 5 am at stores to have their name entered for the chance to buy one that Nintendo shipped to whichever store it is. And online -- well that's a joke. Some websites have popped up just to help people track them, like So I've been trying to help my mom get her paws on one. And the best chances there are is to find which stores in your town get shipments and then call them EVERY day to see if they got a shipment in. Because if a store gets a shipment in it sells out THAT day. So one morning we were out running errands and we were driving by GameStop in Pocatello. Mom asked if we could pull over and just ask so she wouldn't have to call them that day. Well, it just turns out that as we pulled up to go inside the UPS man walked right out of the store, having dropped off a huge batch of Wiis. Since mom was going to get one -- I decided that I would get one, and if Darik didn't want to keep it I'd just scalp it on Ebay for almost twice as much. Which is what people do when a lot of people get their hands on them (scalp em for twice as much!) Anyway ellie loves the "makeover game" (a part of the Wii that lets you create a little miniature version of yourself to play the games with). She also likes the bowling game. So this is her bowling. She also LOVES the boxing game and she's actually pretty good at it. If we went one-on-one I think she might actually beat me. Except for the fact she KICKS my butt after 1 minute, and then loses interest because of her short attention span . . . so then I win :-)

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