Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a bad mom moment?

I guess today is just a day I spend blogging on things I find interesting. Anyway, we all have bad mom moments . . . like when you accidentally buckle her fingers in the car seat restraint? (I'm still cringing about that one) Sheesh I've forgotten all my little moments . . . well here's one for you:

Mom Faces Trial For Leaving Child In Car. So she left her sleeping toddler in her car seat in a locked and alarm-ed car while she went ten feet away (never out of sight of car). She was arrested and taken to the police station and faces up to a year of jail time. Apparently the story has unleashed fury on both sides of the debate (esp on blogs, go figure).

Anyway, I'd just like to say I'm with the mom on this one. I know the world is much more dangerous now than when I was a kid growing up (most of my childhood memories include me wandering my neighborhood alone or with other small friends at all times of the day). Seriously if our mothers were held to our same "super-safety mom standards" they would have all been arrested like this lady. Yes, we need to be safer because there are more dangers but come on people, show some brains.

I've decided for ol' times sake I'll make a list of things I did as a child that I loved I probably won't let ellie do:

1) have a paper route at age 8
2) walk yourself a mile through fields to school (for missing the bus)
3) playing outside, unsupervised, without a gate
5) Go to a friends house from school my mom didn't know
6) Trick or treat alone
7) Be able to lay the backseat of the station wagon down, throw 5 sleeping bags down and chill. (No Seatbelts even!)
8) NIGHT GAMES (capture the flag, kick the can, touch the pole, sneak to the park and accidentally melt the garbage down with fire, etc.)

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  1. OH man, no more backseat-station wagon escapades! "Did you say pack it, I thought you said snack it!" It is crazy the things we did when we were kids! I'm terrified of my kids growing up!