Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the bruiser

That's what they call NHL hockey players who are specifically in the league not because they are good hockey players but because they are good boxers. And I don't like them. And I think Ellie is one.

I've started recently babysitting my neighbor's kids for a few hours a day and it's pretty fun -- it's just as long as a playdate, and it puts more structure in our schedule, I really love the kids, too -- sometimes it's hard to adjust to a four-year -old from a two-year-old but it's all good. When she goes into Sunbeams sometimes she comes and sits on my lap, we have fun! Well here is a pic of all three of them:

And pic of my little man, owen after ellie got thru with him. Ellie didn't mean to hit him in the face with her little toy, but she was definately trying to brush him back. I really did feel horrible and I monitor their scuffles more closely now!

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