Wednesday, March 12, 2008

cleaning and fever

These both have to do with SPRING! And I have them both -- I know Spring isn't here yet, but I'm not waiting. The last two days I've worn flip flops and capris. I decided I will no longer make my wardrobe slave to winter!!! Now that it's been in the 40s for a while I've also been opening my windows (once in a while) and been breathing FRESH AIR! Ohmyheavens! The happiness fresh air brings. And since Taysha moved out I've been itching to find a way to get a fresh start -- it's a new beginning to this phase in our lives . . . so I went with Spring Cleaning. Every upstairs bedroom I've scrubbed every inch and moved around and swept under every piece of furniture. I can't believe stinkin' dust bunnies accumulate so quickly. I moved Ellie into Taysh's old room and put her in a big twin bed instead of a toddler bed (I read a kid's sleep book that recommended it so you can cuddle with them if they need it, and I'm all for more cuddling). Anyway I love her new room, and D&I get our dresser back from taysh and more closet space so we don't have our clothes stacked everywhere in our room now. And I disinfected the two bathrooms, too--just scrubbed every inch in there, too. It's not very often I'm in those "love to clean" moods so I had to take advantage of it while I could. I really have been busting my booty the last few days and it feels great. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I woke up with a head cold today and I think I need to slow it down a bit. I might actually get some rest today!


  1. I tried to wear no socks around the house yesterday but I just got too darn cold! I can hardly wait for flip flop weather.
    You have inspired me to spring clean my house!
    I am sorry things did not work out with Taysha. Good luck with whatever happens next.
    Are you coming to Iowa anytime soon? :)

  2. You wear those flip flops girl! I love the spring. I hope you're feeling better soon!