Thursday, March 20, 2008

let the madness begin

as I write the first basketball game of march madness has begun. don't expect me to be very far from the tv so I can keep up on the upsets and blowouts -- and how my brackets are doing! We've set up the traditional family brackets on both sides of our family -- and for the first year we had ellie fill them out. I had to bribe her with candy but she did it:
"ellie do you want Clemson or Nova?"
"Vandy or Siena"
I think she actually had fun -- and of course she picked Duke to win, because we always have her say, "GO DUKE!" all the time anyway. Also when you fill out brackets online you have to "name" your brackets. So Darik's name is "coachK" and mine is "NoChanceOfWinning". When I was filling Ellie's out I just wrote the last thing that came out of her mouth . . . . "LambyNeedsATimeout".

So I hope y'all are having as much fun as we are this year -- and wish me luck, my goal is to beat darik's brackets, he had some extra help from the ISU coaches filling his out so I want to show I can beat his fancy shmancy picks. I love March Madness!

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