Monday, March 31, 2008

That Easter Morn

I was really grateful for Easter this year -- we had a small and simple Easter egg hunt for elle-belle, hurried to get ready for church, and then hopped in the car and drove to Idaho Falls. Darik's parents had just returned from their mish and were speaking in their ward, afterwards they had a big ol' open house with some mighty fine food! It was fun to have all the Andersons in one spot again and visit and have fun. It was also fun when it thinned out and we got to play games later that night with just D's family -- we were having too much fun, we didn't want to leave. And I think Ellie is officially addicted to Grandma and Grandpa being back. SheLovesThemTons! I must also apologize for missing the picture of Ellie in her Easter dress -- she insisted on wearing the one in her closet that was size 3, so suffice it to say you'll likely see a picture of her in it a year from now :-) Anyway here are a few snapshots from that day:

Elle posing with her spoils.

Ellie getting having a ball finding the 12 eggs in the living room

Ellie sitting on Daddy's lap showing off the gifts the Easter Bunny
left for her (her first pair of real sunglasses!)

This is Ellie sitting by her newest cousin, Addison, who is in her aunt Mindy's belly. She definitely doesn't understand this fact. While we were there Mindy said, "Say hi to Addison in my belly" and ellie said, "Hi Addison". Then Ellie told Mindy, "Say hi to Addison in my belly."

Here is Grandma helping Ellie dress up like Queen Maria from Dora's "Te Amo" episode.

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