Thursday, April 24, 2008

dreams, potlucks, vampires, and birthdays

This will be a little bit of a rambling blog:

I thought it was appropriate to post this since this week was American Idol Broadway Week -- but last week after I heard about the theme for this week I had a dream. And recently when looking at pics of my friend Tsa's kid with My kid I want to sing "Circle of Life", right? Well in my dream I was in the top 10 on American Idol and that was my choice to sing for Broadway Week. But the thing is everyone is dressing up and has props and stuff, right? So I'm dressed like a turtle, and my prop is that I have little Ellie dressed up like a baby turtle and I'm going to go out there walk around in the intro and then stand up and sing. But I get out there and Ellie won't get off my back so the whole 90 second segment was me not singing while trying to remove a baby turtle off my back. And the more I thought of it the more I think it was less embarrassing for that to happen than for me to actually sing the song -- so I'm ok with how that dream turned out.

Last night wasn't my birthday, but we had a family celebration/date night for me anyway. On Saturday D's gonna be gone all day with EQ stuff and we have Stake Conference that night so . . . my mom made dinner for us and that was fun. Then I brought cake and ice cream -- but I usually hate cake so instead I did strawberry shortcake, which I love! And I love my mom's family's recipe for that cake so much -- I never thought something sweet could taste so good. I already ate 1/3 of the cake myself before we even got to dinner! I'll post the recipe later. Anyway since it was my "bday" I didn't dress up or do makeup or my hair that day cuz I just didn't want to. So I have this nasty picture that my mom took of me holding my cake -- I wasn't blowing the candles because there weren't any. I don't want to post it, but I think I must just to keep it real. So here is the picture of me lookin all nasty and I have to post a good pic of me in the next blog just to make me feel better!

Anyway the date night portion of the evening was watching I Am Legend on my parent's big screen movie room. And surprisingly I LOVED the movie. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Will Smith, but I HATE scary shows. So I didn't think this would be up my alley -- but it kinda was in a strange way in that it has purpose and meaning and makes you think and has a sad ending. So yeah, I guess it was my kind of movie. Afterwards D was like, you're so going to have a nightmare tonight! Because he knows I have crazy dreams when I remember them. So here is last night's dream:

We are in our "house" and a room upstairs has a hidden passageway. All these enemies are coming to attack a bridge and Darik needs to go fight them. So he heads off for the fight and I bring two people up to hide with me and Ellie. One of them turns out to be a spy and starts bringing a bad guy in the hidden passageway but I shoot them both with a taser. Then it turns out that instead of a real fight with guns everyone is just shooting blow dart guns with pens stuck in the end but the pens have suction cups on them. So it's just a whole big ruse anyway. And then all the family and friends of the bad guys come up to my room for a potluck and we all agree we have to do this every year as an annual event and next year we'll have it in San Diego so we can go to Sea World. Seriously I have a G rated mind -- somehow it turns a vampire nightmare into a potluck!


  1. i love it! and i'm glad that other people photograph and blog their food! you crack me up so much. i'm excited for your birthday. i love how close all of our birthdays are. now i'm just rambling...

  2. It's official. You're nuts!!! kidding- but I'm so glad you liked the movie! I told you so!!! And your dream just shows you internal desire for peace and happiness...right? ;)