Monday, April 07, 2008


So our new year's resolution is to do the LBYM thing better than last year and stick to our budget. Well the past week I bought a few books on with their 4-3 sale and free shipping (the atonment, anna karenina, wurthering heights, to kill a mockingbird). So since it wasn't in my budget I had to make up the extra. You know how I said I was never going to work at those Holt Arena events again? Well they called and asked if I would work Saturday at the Monster Trucks. I told them only if I was at a door and not ushering down where everything is too crowded. So I need to just stick to my decisions, but I did need to make the extra moolah to make up for my book spending habit (if I had to say one addiction I had, I'd probably say book spending!). Anyway it was FREEZING! And I was wearing layers, and my jacket, and gloves -- and still my fingers hurt, then stung, then lost all feeling and color. Seriously I shivered for 5 hours straight. And my hands were shaking so bad I could hardly tear the ticket stubs. And it just so happens they put me on the South side of the arena (narrower halls) and in the middle doors (busier doors in the crossroads of the bathrooms and the concession stand) so it was actually probably more crowded than the rodeo!! In fact at intermission a few hundred people rushed the doors to go and smoke -- and then after 10 minutes rushed my door to get back in (I'm still supposed to be checking tickets) and I literally got trampled before I got out of the way. After that I quit checking tickets cuz, really anyone who wanted to sneak into the almost-sold-out-event did when everyone rushed my door 20 minutes ago. The whole night I kept on thinking "this is the penance I have to pay for buying those dang books!" I'm not sure if it was worth it or not, I'll let you know after I read all four books!


  1. You poor thing!! My hubby and boy went too- he said it was CRAZY!! My bro-in-law drove in the tough truck comp. My son had a good time- but Clint said it was loud and long and drawn out. All the while you're freezing to death and getting trompled. Well, you're inspiring for sticking to your budget and working extra hard. Maybe you'll enjoy the books even more because you worked so hard for them! ;)

  2. Oh man, that sounds rough! You're a lot stronger then me, I would have ended up in the fetal position under the bleachers. The things we do for our reading materials!