Thursday, May 01, 2008


Remember how I was planning on going to grad school this year but decided against it? Well, Darik just called me -- apparently he's been talking to the Dean of the MBA program at ISU or something. And they really wanted him to apply - they already had his GMAT score from when he took it in Iowa trying to get into the UI night program (rated top 20 in country) and just barely missed getting in with his score. So his score is good enough for ISU MBA . . . so here we are, he's accepted into the second summer session. I told him he'd only have time for school during the summer semester -- we'll see what he can work out for fall and winter semesters. He thinks his boss will let him take off during the day to take a class. He's probably right. Sigh. Life throws you curveballs sometimes!


  1. oh no don't do is great and all but seriously you will NEVER see your husband not that you do now, but it will get worse! But maybe he could get released. :)

  2. So what are you going to do? Maybe your decision to NOT go to school is a sign that you were being prepared for this, eh? What do you think?

  3. curveballs indeed. life is so hard to plan sometimes. you'll have to keep us posted on what you choose to do, good luck on your decision!