Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Family Portraits

As you can tell from the blog pic, we have new family portraits. They were very spur of the moment -- I wasn't planning on looking like that for my posterity. But I had packed my minitripod for this very purpose: we had a little time on our hands and some great backgrounds to work with. It was right before we went to the fair -- so no I hadn't done my hair -- I think I just took it out of the ponytail for the actual pics. And many people have asked and/or commented about my BW/green shots ~ my camera just has a setting where you can choose only one color to show up. It's nearly my favorite thing about the whole camera! Anyway I took LOTS of shots. The posed ones didn't work out nearly so well (especially of just D&I -- yuck! I'm not posting those!!) as it was all self-photography with a timer . . . but when I was behind the camera and just let the kids do as they willed -- that's when I thought it worked out pretty well.

p.s. forgive the plethora of shots, but in my blog book I want each kid to have their own page with about 5-6 shots each, so just bear with me, please!!

p.p.s. I am working on learning photoshop so I could layer them all together before posting. You'll know when I've reached that point.

p.p.p.s. I love photography! I wish I would have majored in that at Ricks!! I feel I'm getting better as I keep practicing . . . yet I desperately need more help in portraiture!

The Family

The Kids





  1. I love them! I'm working on putting my blog book together too. I'm trying to get started now so it's not so overwhelming later. I'll probably be bothering you for some tips. I need to look at yours.

  2. BEEEEAUTIFUL! Your family is just gorgeous. And I love the blog makeover as well!

  3. Wow Kris, those are some great pictures! I love the close up shots and the "candid" style pictures. Maybe you could go back to school in a few years for photography, you have a real knack!

  4. Good job! I love looking at all the pictures. I'm glad you had such a great vacation. And I like your new backdrop way to go. :)