Monday, July 14, 2008

VacayDay 7: Kid Free Zone

You guys have been hanging with me this long -- I swear I'm gonna knock the last posts out today. I'm so sick of being behind on blogging. After our Zooberry day everybody was SO exhausted so we planned nothing at all for the day!! These are some pics of the kids just chillin:

These first two were of Jaden and Ellie and their tea party. The first smiley one was so cute -- but I couldn't leave the second one out with the silly faces!
The boys sure like playing video games together and Christina's a right wee mucker with that little red stool and how much exploring/trouble she got into.And again the girls having fun, this is of them watching a princess movie!
The last one is right before we left for our date, the fan was making Christian pretty supa'fly!After a few days of breaking up squabbles about sharing, tattling, crying, whining, and hurting each other I was ready to get out of the house without the kiddies. So we decided to get a babysitter and go on a date night. First we drove downtown (at Ds request) to the Nike Outlet. We were hoping the home of Nike and a nearby NikeTown would make for a great Outlet shopping experience. It was pretty much the same as Vegas' -- and I didn't think I'd get anything until I found they had 3 things I'd been looking to buy for over a year: casual jacket, wmns modest swim shorts, and smokin hot golf pants. After that D REALLY wanted to go so John Hancock. We hadn't been out to see a new movie in a few years -- if we go out at all it's to the dollar theater. It turned out to be a pretty expensive night what with the shopping and babysitting, but alas, sorely needed!


  1. Looks like you had so much fun! I'm so jealous of your freezer jam! I made some last year and I think it lasted all of 3 weeks (Cara's quite serious about her PB and J's)- it looks delicious! ;)

  2. Nothing is more precious then a good night without the kids!