Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ellie's Daddy

I just had to share this. Christian was sitting down doing his homework yesterday and Ellie REALLY wanted to do homework, too. So I made a little worksheet. She had to color the shapes, draw a picture of her and her daddy, and try to copy her letters. As it turns out I didn't know that she knew how to draw people as actual corporeal beings. I thought she was still in the scribble stage. So imagine my surprise when out comes this picture with faces and eyes and all! Jeez, I must not pay very close attention! But I thought it was a big developmental step for my one and only baby and I had to share it!

When daddy came home I asked him if he liked his belly button and he said, "No that's my chin!" And Ellie says, "Yep daddy, I drew your funny face!"


  1. That is too cute! zi could look at little kids drawings all day long.

  2. That is so cute. Ellie is getting so big! I love the picture.

  3. CUTE! It's so hard to believe what they are able to do. Jayda is constantly surprising me.