Tuesday, August 26, 2008

more school stuff

Today was also another one of my boy's first day of school -- Darik starts grad school today. His first class in his MBA program is Quantitative Analysis or something like that. He is taking one night class fall & winter semesters and during the summer he'll load up on four. So if any of you are hoping to drag us away for the next few summers for vacations or anything -- let's just say be forewarned that it aint happenin'. We skipped him taking some classes this summer so he could get that all out of his system. Anyways, here's to my awesome husband~Love you!


  1. I love the pics. I wanted so bad to get a picture of Glenn on his first day, but it's not going to happen. Maybe if I take a picture of him in the middle of it, he'll look more like a dentist.

  2. You are pretty funny. I love your blog. I can't believe all the stuff you put on it though. How do you do it? I am sure it will get easier as I go. Anyways, have a great weekend and wee need to get together sometime. Did Derek have his clothes all laid out on the bed with his shoes and everything ready to go? Miss ya dirty whore.