Tuesday, December 16, 2008

forgotten carols

ok, before I launch into all of my thanksgiving posts . . . has anyone noticed that the quality of FC has decreased? (well at least in my opinion) When I first went it was basically Michael McClean, a tree, and a piano. Now there's synthesizers, a huge cast, and extra story lines. I love FC, I really do . . . but I just feel like more is less - it had more of an impact on me and was less distracting from the Spirit when it was really basic. Not the biggest fan of all the extra stuff, esp when it makes the show extra long!

p.s. Darik took me to the show at the SPAC (his boss was so pumped he finally convinced Deseret Book to make a stop in Pocatello. We're really hoping they continue at least one show here every year. Of course the place was sold out . . . of course.)

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