Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kristine Anderson's Dad and the Thumbs Down

Over the last month two separate things have happened I just had to tell the world that Darik and I have now grown up and made names for ourselves in our own right. We have arrived, people, we have arrived!
First off you just have to understand what it's like growing up with your dad on the radio. There are just a lot of people in the community who know "who you are" -- especially when the bus driver listens to your dad on the way to school in the morning. And when I mean "who you are" I mean, "oh, you're Jerry Miller's daughter". I swear if I was meeting someone new in Southeast Idaho there was probably a 75% chance they knew or knew of my dad and I would then be known as Jerry Miller's Daughter.

Well, my parents attended Idaho Falls' City Club this month were Kim Clark (Pres of BYUI) was the speaker. Apparently there were a few other BYUI employees in attendance. One of my old bosses, Bruce Hobbs (Director of PR), was there and he went to the same mission as my dad. Well my dad was talking to him and there was a guy standing next to Bruce. Bruce introduces my dad to him and all he gets is a blank stare - so Bruce says, "He's Kristine Anderson's dad." Ohhh!!! All of a sudden a flash of recognition takes place and he is now my dad's friend through my reputation. How sweet it is for my dad to get paid back after all these years!!!

Story number two is for my man, he was given a thumbs down in the local paper! You know that section in Opinion that gives locals thumbs up/down? Well Darik got it -- officially they said ISU, but it was up to the Athletic Director and Darik to set prices for the ISU/BYU game. And, justifiably, they raised the prices -- because every other university and major sports team raises their price to major rivalry games or ones that they know will be a big draw. I was so proud of him!!

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  1. That's awesome Kris! Welcome to the world :)