Wednesday, January 21, 2009

jakers' bday surprise

Darik's little brother had a bday this month so we got together for bday dinner on the 16th. Diana made a snowman cake, apparently his favorite, which Ellie was obsessed with!Anyways, so after dinner everyone's eating cake and ice cream when Alyssa asks if she can take Ellie in the other room really quick. They come back in and Ellie sits on her chair and announces, "Aunt Alyssa has a baby in her tummy!" ohemmmgee! I was so excited, I adore my SIL Alyssa and am excited for Jake and her to become parents. There is something to bet said for having lots of nephews and nieces that you can have fun with, that you don't have to be the one changing the diapers or not sleeping at night! So the pics above are before the announcement and below is right after they broke the news, congrats to them both!I believe all of these pictures were taken in very close proximity to the cake. I'm not surprised. Like father like daughter . . .
And of course I couldn't get enough of taking pictures of blue-eyed Addie. Those eyes just kill me, and even though she is quite the squeaker . . . she is also a cuddly little cutie we all love!

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