Thursday, January 15, 2009

TotD: Perspective

I had an experience that gave me true perspective this week.

For those of you whom I talk to on a regular basis you may have heard me complain about possibly the difficulties of raising other people's children. Especially maybe a certain two year old toddler. Well we were asked to give another foster mom a break who has a violent (possibly a sociopath) 9-year-old on her hands. I thought it was hard with a teenager. And a toddler. Wow. My 7 foster kids combined are easier than what this foster mom is going through trying to help this foster child. I look up to this woman so much - what an amazing thing to do. I mean, if I were able to have my own kids I probably wouldn't be a foster mom. It seems like I feel compelled to help as long as it doesn't inconvenience me too much (which is why I might not foster again). But you can't look at this foster family and their motivation is only to help. Wow. Please say prayers for foster parents out there who are struggling, they may be taking on more than you could even imagine!!

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