Wednesday, February 18, 2009


SO lately my hair has been ghetto and ponytail-every-day sort of thing going on and I was so ready for a new cut. My friend Ryanne used this pic of Nicole Richie for her hair and I thought I'd do the same, except that I asked for it to go to my chin. I also asked for it to be thinned, which she didn't end up doing . . . and as a result it is more of a mushroom than what the pic shows. Also I haven't taken a decent after shot. And that would require me to do my hair cute first and remember to take a pic of myself. I'll update this ASAP.
I've been busy with a big Activity Days thing on modesty (Luau themed) and I busted my butt and it ended up being a bust (2 girls showed up). This calling is probably one of the hardest on me attitude wise . . . . I can put 15 hours into an activity for nothing. Anyways, here's a pic of us there last night. For what it's worth we did have fun playing twister.

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  1. I cant wait to see the after shoots! What a fun haircut. And I understand what you are feeling about your calling. I am in the young women and we only have about 2 there. We have a small ward, but I always plan things knowing someone needs it (me, other leader or that one girl that came!) It really helps my out look!