Friday, February 27, 2009

tax update

holy cow people! so is this the reason y'all keep on having kids???!

I finally did the calculations to see if we can claim our foster kids -- turns out we can, so I file my amended return . . . instead of even stevens they are just throwing money at us. So, obviously my counsel only applied to not having any federal taxes taken out of your check . . . and I didn't take into account the cash rebate they give ya for chitlins.

Either way, you can still raise your exemptions on your W4 to eliminate your Federal Tax Withholding (and if you have at least 3 kids) you are still getting chump change back.

And I do a lot of people's taxes (mostly family) so I should have known this already. I guess I was just in the middle of my taxes and our measly "one child tax credit" :-)

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