Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Terrible Threes

It has been a long two or three months. You know, I thought I had avoided this phase. Although Ellie started throwing nuclear tantrums at 18 months . . . (I had the terrible twos a little early) the actual twos weren't that bad, we were all used to the occasional nuclear meltdowns.

But. boy. oh. boy.

My little girl has had PMS for 3 months straight. The mood swings are hellacious! She's turned pretty mean on Stina, which is getting harder to control. And if she gets hurt she just yells for me -- so I come running only to be told, "NO! don't touch me!" so I say, "Okay I'll leave" to that she wails, "DON'T LEAVE ME!!" so I say, "let me kiss it," so she says, "GET! AWAY!" [ladies, do we really sound like this?] I can't tell if she loves me or hates me. Actually I can tell, and either I am her favoritest person ever or her mortal enemy.I just think she's trying to grow up and not need me, but a tiny bit of her still wants her mommy. When she is ticked it is much more than the nuclear meltdown, I've got bruises to show from it. This whole learning independence thing is for the birds, I'll tell ya. She knows I'm still in charge, but it drives her nuts. I'm trying to give her more choices which will give her more control (see: parenting w/love & logic) . . . but {sigh} it's hard to consciously do that when you're on a roller coaster!

p.s. She's been sick a few times and has had a few hangnails and she is always begging me to take her to her doctor. She LOVES Dr. Yost. She wants to see him ALL of the time. I think it's an unhealthy fixation, does she just love the stickers there or what?! I don't get it.


  1. I will have to admit that it sure is nice to hear that I am not the only mom out there going through this:) Everyone always says the terrible two's but honestly I think and agree with you that 3 is sooooo much more difficult. Luckily we are finally making some progress, Payden just turned 4 in September and some days I wonder if we will ever escape the every day drama with him!

  2. My mom says they're called the Terrible Two's because they last for 2 years, from 18 months to 42 months. Yippee for us moms, I know. Keep on keeping on!

  3. I feel your pain- Cara is 4 going on 5 and the drama doesn't diasappear, it just changes. She's more aware of "mean" and "bossy" so all I hear about is how "Clinty's mean! He won't play with me" and "You're NOT the boss!!"- that one's usually directed at her brother, she did try it out on me a couple of times though... My husband just asked Cara if she was PMSing last night. Drama must be a given for girls...ugh... ;)

  4. We have the same drama at our house. I am worried this is a little preview of her hormonal teenage years and that makes me nervous...

  5. I feel for ya. My 2 year old has been out of control and on top of it my 1 year old has already started with the tantrums. And of course, if one is upset, it gets the other one upset and before ya know it I have two kids crying and freaking out and wanting me to hold them at the same time! I think girls are definately different than boys though, my boys don't seem to have the attitude and mood swings! The Dr. thing made me laugh because My 2 year old has been begging me to take him to the dr. all the time too. Then he had to have an x-ray and I thought it traumatized him and for a couple days he would say "no mom I'm not sick I don't want to go to the dr." And now he is back to begging to go! Crazy!