Monday, September 28, 2009

my new weight loss solution

1) Give two of your children away to another mom
2) Fight with that new mom
3) Have her vow never to let you see the kids again
4) Have her accuse you of child abuse

= I'm down 8.5 lbs in 7 days!!!

any takers???

UPDATE Ok, I've since been to the temple and have arrived at a place where I feel a lot of peace and closure with the whole situation. It's been a hard week but I know my heart is in the right place now, where as before I was just panicking about losing control and losing children. It's all good.


  1. oh man kris, that's tough. i'm glad that you've gotten some peace, i love you!

  2. Ok that raises a lot more questions! Have you worked things out with the new foster family? Abuse charges said in the heat or really are you accused? I'm glad you are feeling better and I know the Lord hass the supreme master plan for your life and the kids' life.

  3. not worked out, they are refusing my apology.

    they have threatened to report me, but no an investigation has not been opened.

  4. Good luck with everything! It sounds like a very stressful situation. Hang in there!

  5. My prayers are with you. You are an awesome mom.

  6. I think you need a new weight loss plan that we can ALL do!! Dude that sucks! I hope things are better now. You need to come see me soon, or else..... I will come see you!! Hey, tell James he can go to and type in this MLS #535058 for our house. There are pictures too. That would be sweet. It is a good home. We lived there for 8 yrs. Just needed to upgrade. Tell him also that we would try and seed the back yard too. The reason it looks so bad is cuz we had a dog and he just liked to dig. So it was either have a nice yard or have a dog. Anyways pass the info on. Love ya kiddo!

  7. I love this picture, what an image that needs no words! I know there is a happy ending with your name on it. Hang in there..