Monday, November 23, 2009


Ever since the Sandoval kids left Ellie has done fine, but she has regressed in a few ways . . . she likes to act and talk like a baby much more (which can be frustrating) and she thinks she needs help going to the potty now (after a year of going by herself).

One change I don't mind is her need for CUDDLES. She is now waking up in the morning around 5 and crawling in our bed for cuddles. She must get some hugs from D before he leaves for work and then she snuggles back in bed with me. After we get up and eat much later she is still asking for cuddles and usually around this time a back scratch. She is her father's daughter.

Well, this weekend I came down with the flu, which I'm pretty sure I caught from a bunch of germy people at the New Moon movie . . . Our Thanksgiving plans were for all of us to go to Harlem, Montana for the whole week. Darik's grandparents live there and his grandpa's pancreatic cancer came back, so he likely doesn't have much longer to live. So here I am with what is most likely H1N1 and hoping that it breaks in time for me to go with them. Unfortunately that's not what fate had in mind, after consulting a nurse D's parents were told under no circumstances was I to make the trip, apparently I'm contagious for 7 days or something.

So this morning the two people who give meaning to my life drove off in a trail of tears. I called a few hours later to talk to Ellie and she said she missed my cuddles. I told her to make sure daddy gave her cuddles and she said, "but they are not the same as YOUR cuddles!" By this point I was bawling my head off and figuring out that 3 phone calls a day was not possible if it made me feel like this every time.

So during the times I feel well enough to get up off the couch I will be:
1) blogging
2) cleaning
3) making my 2009 blog book
4) reading
5) do all the random projects I've wanted to do for a year

My hope is to be 100% healthy, have the house 100% clean, and be 100% ready for cuddles when my two loves get home. Wish me luck!


  1. I am SOOOO sorry that you have the flu(possibly swine flu)! I can't imagine how that felt to watch them drive off without you!!! You need to add a number 6 to your list.....get rest and get well!!

  2. I am so sorry! I hope you feel better soon! I'm glad I went up there a couple weeks ago, but I was going crazy without Chris there the whole time.

  3. Girl, I hope you feel better! We can't wait to see you guys in December-- we'll be there for a LONG time so we'll definitely need some play time with you guys.