Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Day

Have I mentioned that the weather here in Idaho is, um, cold?  Well we were SO looking forward to Easter Egg Hunts (no not the huge public ones where 12 year olds dominate and parents push and yell) but small ward or family ones.  May I add a picture from Easter 2007, Las Vegas, to demonstrate the difference?
Easter: Las Vegas above
Why, yes, she is pulling an Easter egg out of the middle of a palm tree!
Easter: Idaho below
Why, yes, we only stayed outside 10 minutes to avoid frostbite!
 We show up for our ward easter egg hunt only to find the note that it had been canceled.  Then I remember my friend Shay from Bountiful Baskets has her own Easter Egg hunt out at her house on Reservation . . . so we decide to sashay on out there in the FREEZING cold.  It was really cool how she had it set up with a spread of food and TONS and TONS of eggs with just one treat or sticker in each one.  And some of the eggs had little notes/vouchers that you turned in for a prize at the prize table.  Ellie got her Beloved Jasmine Crown there.  So tons of little kids and tons of eggs out in the snow and wind = fun, albiet short-lived.
 We dyed eggs together.  Every year I have fun making my rainbow egg.
And can I just say how hard it is to have only one kid?  We're used to having enough candy to scatter on the floor and hide on furniture and letting the kids gather it after our 'sunrise ceremony'.  So this year I bought just as much candy this year as I had last year . . .  and we had WAY too much candy for the three of us.  Aw well.  Ellie had a great time as you can see, and that's all that counts.

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