Thursday, April 08, 2010

Ummm. Lots of Soccer.

So this year we signed Ellie up for soccer.  I was ready to cheer my Superstar on to victory.  The problem? Ellie was not on board with this plan.  She spent her first whole practice digging in the rocks looking for "hedghogs"??!  Oookay.  So little L wasn't born with her Mama's killer instinct.  I can adapt, right?  Just chill, right?  I thought until here comes the first game and I'm the loudest parent and I realize my kid isn't even on the field.  Yikes.  So I did learn how to just sit back and chill and enjoy the game.  We have LOTS of pictures, and these cover all of her games, but now I just don't remember when or how to split them all up, so we just get an overkill of soccer pics instead.  Yay!

  p.s. Did I forget to mention I signed D up to be the coach (with his permission, of course)?  That was, um, an adventure.  Let's just say we're glad this new sport didn't involve me dropping any swear words in Darik's direction (see: skiing), and we can consider that a success, can't we?  Although I'm not sure Ellie will ever decide to play again, it was fun to try and see if it was her cup of tea.
 First game she plays?  She takes off and kicks the ball straight in the goal.  Couldn't be prouder!  But I think she spent the rest of the time dancing.  
 Second game?  Refused to go out on the field with out Buttercup.  

 Next game?  Demanded to wear a skirt!

 I think this is the game she figured out how fun it is to kick other people's shin guards, regardless of where the ball is.  

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