Sunday, June 06, 2010


I have a confession: I think I've forgotten how to blog! I sit down at my computer and can't think of one thing to share! How in the world did I post 300 blog posts in one year before? When I think about my life, we've been doing: stuff. Like cleaning out the garage, doing our callings, and ? playing fantasy baseball with the miller family. So how do I blog about those things?

Maybe I could ask for advice. Like do any of you have an insane four year old that does not go to sleep without hating your guts and crying her eyes out for 10 minutes? Every night. Meltdown in atomic city. I have been thinking about trying to get the same routine down every night (bath, books, song, etc.) like I used to instead of the crazy life where all of a sudden we look at the clock and rush to get her in bed. That may have something to do with the drama, huh?

Oh, I can think of one thing we've been doing . . . learning about butterflies!! We bought a butterfly habitat that came with a coupon for free caterpillars and so over the last week we've watched baby larvae quadruple in size until today the last of them turned into a chrysalis. Do you know that chrysalides look like freaky alien pods? Yeah, they do. So, if all goes according to plans we'll have some baby butterflies just in time for ellie's fifth (count em, 5!!) birthday. It's been fun going through this with her and reading the books we got from the library about it. If you think about it the whole transformation thing is strangely, beautifully, freaky-deaky.

Anyways, we just got back from Idaho Falls to see my new baby nephew Mason Christopher Rose be blessed. He's such a cute little sweetie. It's fun to have babies around!

And although this blog may not be interesting for a while, hang around while I "relearn" how to do this. :)

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  1. Bedtime is not fun at our house either and particularly because the drama lasts throughthe night so I feel for you.In my info quest they repeatedly emphasize routines to maketheir world safer and more predictable so yah that would probably help the most. Todays kids hate being forced to do things quickly and need transition time. I'm going to try setting an alarm clock for 8:00 and get that to be the signal that its time to start for bed, we'll see how it goes. Good luck! As far as what to post I just look through my pictures.