Monday, August 16, 2010

August Mishmash

So when we got home from our trip we found these 3D glasses in the car as we were cleaning it out.  Fashionable, no?

I LOVE the lazy days of summer.  Blue skies, warm air up in the 90s.  Now that's what I call livin'.  The only problem?  My husband goes from being married to his job to being married to yard work . . . {sigh} I swear we're living in a condo next time, just so I can see my man at least once a week :-)
Right after we got back from our trip BYUI had an alumni night at the Idaho Falls Chukars game.  Picnic and tickets for $1 each.  Can't beat that, yo.  Also?  We LOVE minor league baseball.  It was a quick, crazy trip up and immediately back, but ya can't live your life doing chores all the time.  Sometimes ya gotta take time to live, ya know?
I love silly bath pictures still.  It just seems that the old she gets the less of her I can photograph and post, of course.  Gone are the days of posting a little buddha baby tummy :-(

Also a few days after we got home from Iowa we met up with Darik's cousin Mandy down at Lava Hot Springs.  Love the 30 foot diving board?  I swear it looks so much higher in person!  Collin and Darik went up there together. Boys will be boys.

It was a day I was watching Kendra so we just made sure her mama packed her swimmin suit.
Look Mom, No Hands!  Hallelujah (says mom under her breath)!
KK is used to a pretty regular napping schedule, she was tuckered out and ready for a nap, but she wasn't going to just lay down in the pack and play.  Mandy held her for a while so D & I could go down the speed slides a few times and when I got back KK promptly jumped into my arms, snuggled on my shoulder, and fell asleep!  I think I walked her back and forth around the pool for about 40 minutes while she slept and Ellie and Darik went to the inside pool to look at the climbing wall.
When Ellie got back out of course she couldn't help but mug us.  Like my hair?  I was asked by SEVERAL children if I was a boy or a girl.  Gotta love that :-)

The next weekend was the extended-extended Briscoe reunion.  I think not my great-grandpa Briscoe but the GGG Grandpa.  So there were a quite a few people from Utah there.  And I finally got to meet my uncle Alan, bless him, of the family history temple name Alan Briscoe fame :-)
Other things I love?  Going to the library with my baby girl, playing the piano, oh and making Pinkalicious cupcakes of course.  I think she *really* thought those darn things were going to change her pink.
The McGarry girls have been taking voice lessons and they had a recital.  It was - fabulous.  :-)  love those girls to bits and pieces.

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