Friday, November 19, 2010

Quick Update

So a week or two ago (when it snowed) we were sitting down for FHE and I looked up and saw the paint on our ceiling was sagging.  Like, drywall about to come down sagging.  We knew we didn't have a stellar roof but were hoping it would make it through the winter and we could sell it with the buyers knowing it needed some work.  Well, our best laid plans usually backfire, right?  So we've had a bucket sitting in our living room to catch all the water.  We're just grateful we haven't gotten much rain and snow lately.  We have had some quotes, and the most thorough guy pretty much said at least 1/3 of the roof needs to be replaced all the way down to the plywood.  The rest is ok - but we figure if they are up there doing that much they might as well re-roof the whole thing.  And it doesn't help that in the past the past owners have just patched and repatched . . .  so our roof has two or three haphazard layers on it . . . which increases the labor costs of a roof replacement.  Anyways - $8k later we cold get a new roof.  {sigh}

Darik's been through sleep studies and blood tests to check for sleep apnea and to be diagnosed with RLS. Then they referred him to a ENT where he was diagnosed with a deviated septum.  Well, just those diagnoses cost a pretty penny but Darik sinus surgery is scheduled for December 13.  Cost?  at least $3k after insurance.  {double sigh}

Santa has been working on lining up a Disneyland trip for Ellie.  Darik has been helping him by working a second job by helping the truck drivers from Bountiful Baskets every Saturday morning from 5 - 10 am.  Santa has been so pleased to have Darik's help for Christmas morning.  Well, when we got news of the two above news items I just put my foot down and said, D, I don't know how this will work out but we have been working towards this goal for so long as a family we can't use our savings for medical/home repairs.  Ellie has been saving pennies all year so she can pay for the princess tea party.  Come heck or high water (literally in our living room) we'll have Disneyland tickets under our Christmas tree.

So we're still here and still kicking.  Darik is looking forward to his surgery that he will be able to breathe again.  We'll be having Thanksgiving up in Idaho Falls, with Jordyn's baptism, and Tony's family coming up for a week.  We are looking forward to the family time.

p.s. Did I mention football season is over?  I survived another year!

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  1. Oh the joys of being a homeowners! On the bright side of things we will be there in less than two weeks!!!