Saturday, January 01, 2011

Have a Merry Sacrilegious Christmas and a Happy Chinese New Year!

This year we stayed at home for Christmas and we had a great time spending time together as a family.  On Christmas Eve daddy and Ellie had fun delivering yummy jam and other sweets for our friends and neighbors, and then we had a super yummy Christmas late lunch of ham, feta cheese mashed potatoes, a crunchy salad and a Christmas cobbler from Grandma.  Just enough food to last us the rest of the day.  Later we opened Ellie's new pajamas and read and acted out the nativity.  It is interesting to act this out with only three of us, so we got help for some of the parts from all of the stuffed members of our family. I think sometimes it got silly and inadvertently sacrilegious, but we didn't mean it to be!!!  The story started with the angel (snowman) appearing to Mary.  Then Mary went to visit her cousin Elizabeth (me, the narrator) who was pregnant: with a pillow.  Then Mary got very pregnant and rode the donkey (also her husband Joseph) to the inn where they settled into a stable.  The snowman angel reappeared to the shepherds:  Peter the magic elf, Num Nums, Pipsqueak, Kitty, Zambi, Quacky, and their one lamb.  They all came to worship the baby (Buttercup) in the manger.  We meant it to be very sincere, but about halfway through I think we realized it wasn't going to work out how we had planned.
 So we put our toys away and watched Santa on Norad and got ready for bed!
 Santa came during the night and our silly little magic elf, Peter, somehow took a picture and when Ellie woke up Peter was standing by the tree holding the picture!!  That silly little guy!!  Even though Santa delivered as promised with the tickets to Disneyland, her own candy, and a Tiana doll - I think her favorite present was lip gloss!!! {sigh}
 On Monday we took a day and went to Temple Square to see the lights.  Ellie had never been to Temple Square - and it was the 10 year anniversary of when Darik and I bought engagement rings on our way down to Salt Lake to see the lights ourselves.
 It was packed there - but I imagine not as much as it had been before Christmas.  We timed walking out of a building exactly with the turning on with the lights at 530.
 I expected Ellie to be breathless with the beauty of it all . . . but she basically was only interested in playing in the water fountains.  Kind of a "Who cares about lights mom, but look at this -- WATER!!!!" {double sigh}  Halfway through I was wishing we'd have left her home so D & I could have this 10 year anniversary to ourselves and romance it up.  No such luck :-)

 On the 28th was Chelsie's 4th Birthday so we had another family party.  Have you ever tried hanging 5 candy canes on a string?  Or tried stacking 3 golf balls?
 The rest of the week was spent making a snowman family, marking her 6-month bday on the wall, going to ISU bball games on their new court, and staying home together on New Year's Eve with yummy homemade fried rice and potstickers!  Since Ellie had been up late basically every night the last two weeks we played wii as a family dancing and mario karting, until we put her down at 9.  We watched a movie and kissed in the new year.  I have high hopes for 2011 and a lot of new goals - hopefully we can expect good things!


  1. did she run around and say "who cares...water!!" if so then, yes, ellie and i are going to get along just great.

    love the pics, love the nativity, love you!

  2. Actually I was going to do a whole post just about SLC with a Seinfeld rehash because that's basically EXACTLY WHAT SHE WAS DOING! "Who cares??!??!! WATER!!!"

  3. k that food looks so good!! Addy's favorite part was the water inside the Conference Center too;)