Sunday, December 19, 2010

Princess Ariel and Her Prince

After Ellie's dance recital we had Elle stay overnight with J&L while I frantically got a new temple recommend (lost wallet) so I could attend this function:  Miss Ariel got married!  So this is my cousin from my St. Louis family - when we lived in Iowa they were the closest family we had so we were invited to their Thanksgivings, etc. and they were the only family to make it on my side to Ellie's blessing.  We bonded with these Briscoes, ya know?  And all I remember from back then is 14 year old book-worm Ariel wearing no makeup and her dad (my Unky Gordon) being so worried she'd be an odd duck end up being all awkward with guys.  Huh.  He couldn't have been more wrong! All of a sudden he has this GORGEOUS freshman in college that hooks some football player from Star Valley WY.  And they get married and he has to give his baby girl away - you could tell it was a hard day for him, in one picture he just looked so sad that Ariel belonged to someone else, now.  I was so glad we were able to be there for her special day!

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