Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So 2010 was winding down and I had realized that . . . sigh . . . we hadn't taken family pictures yet.  I had been avoiding most pictures of myself since I went all GI Jane in June.  I mean, when you go to the swimming pool and every kid you meet asks if you're a boy or girl you know you should grow your hair out.  About the time I was almost comfortable to take family pictures it had turned cold.  SUPER cold.  Since our friend, Dave Bagley, that took our pics last year doesn't have an indoor studio and since I can NOT handle being cold for any extended amount of time, I decide it's time to just book an appt at a studio.  Well back in Iowa we went to the JC Penney studio and loved it and got really great results, I decide to go that route (Poky only has a Sears studio, so that's where we ended up).  I could tell ya a long story about how obnoxious the guy was and how I couldn't stand him and how all I wanted was a family portrait to put on the front of my blog book - and how those were the only pictures I hated?  So I was actually not very happy with our experience - but it turns out it was one of those things where the more you look at the pictures the more you like them.  And after I saw some of them we just bit the bullet and spent over $100 just so we could buy the disk.  Anyways, these are my two faves:
 And this is probably the one going on the front of the blog book - I don't know why D's face is so red - I also wonder if it was still swollen from his surgery the week before?  I don't know his face looks hot in the rest of them :-)

PS If anyone wants a copy of these - since we bought the disk we can just email them to ya. they are compressed files so it should be super easy so just let me know (you know grandmas and the like :-)

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  1. I love them!! I think they turned out great!!