Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Be Crunchy

So three months ago I was reading this post on Mormon Mommy Blog.  There was someone that posted their story about infertility and how she got pregnant after she stopped eating yeast.  So I'd never heard about that before.  So I start doing some research . . . I had been to Laura's DoTerra Essential oils party and had bought a few oils and had some links to websites that I could do some homeopathic research on about 'yeast' and 'infertility'.  That search led me to this link about Candida. I had never even heard about this before so I bought a book about it on Amazon to read up on it and I couldn't believe all of my mystery illness problems could were pretty much all listed in the book.  In fact I had never seen any source say anything about how my joints hurt and sometimes when a storm is coming they get real nasty and my knees hurt so much I can't straighten them.  And joint pain that gets worse in moist conditions was listed - I could not believe it.  So I decide I'm going to try doTerra's cleanse and probiotic thing they do for Candida.  I stopped eating all sugar and yeast and that was hard and I'm trying to do my best . . . . and then on Friday the 11th we went up to the Andersons because we had a free night.  Darik's cousin Jeremy was there = he owns Herbs for Health in Ogden, Utah, and is an alternative medicine guy.  There was an extra minute that night and I asked him when he had a minute to let me know cuz I wanted to ask him.  So I told him I thought I had Candida.  He just asked me to stick out my tongue.  In less than 10 seconds he goes, "Yep, you do."  Apparently I had thrush (like how babies have) on my tongue.  So yep.  He says, "Lean meats and veggies ONLY."  I tried that for a week and failed miserably and on our way back from Cali with Darik we stopped by his store and he HOOKED us up with a big ol' regiment of cleanses and probiotics.  Oh, and it turns out Darik has to go through the same cleanse and diet as me. I had to beg to get permission for a breakfast of something other than vegetables - so we get oatmeal with frozen berries every morning (low glycemic).  After a while we'll be able to start adding other foods back into our diet.  But we've been having lots of steamed veggies, stir frys, and protein shakes.  We started a lot on raw salads but we can't have any dressings or toppings except lemon juice (no sugar, dairy, or vinegar) - and that's gross if you haven't tried it.  So we don't eat as many raw veggies as we should.  I also started using home-mixed essential oil cleaners in my kitchen to eliminate chemicals, we're going organic as much as we can, trying to drink only distilled reverse osmosis water, and we are loving extra virgin coconut oil (it's basically the best thing ever).

You know, I don't know if I'll have a baby, and this isn't about that - this crunchy journey may have started with that step; but this is about the fact that for over 10 years I've felt like crap and been to countless doctors and had countless blood tests and spent thousands upon ten thousands of dollars to be told that "my test results and blood levels are normal" and there's nothing wrong with me.  But here are a bunch of prescriptions for all of your symptoms that you say you are having.  I can't even begin to explain the relief I felt to have someone say, "Yes, this is what you have".  For two weeks I've felt more energy and less blues and less nausea in a long, long time.

So here's to being crunchy.  I've got to go hug a tree now.  And buy a Subaru and vote for a democrat.  I mean, it's a slippery slope, right?


  1. Miriam and I also have candida yeast which we were alerted to when she developed a really nasty diaper rash before Thanksgiving. THe diet is a bugger and takes a lot of time and effort to get rid of it though I was also told that makes you susceptible your whole life. Good luck! I do have a healthy salad dressing recipe that we can eat if your interested.

  2. I am in love with your closing statement. You crack me up. Good luck on this new adventure. I hope that it helps you feel better.

    BTW, can you have lime juice on your salad? One of my favorite salads just uses that as a dressing. And it is YUMMY. I don't know if this would work for your diet, but here's the easy recipe: Black beans. Romaine lettuce. Tomato. Avocado. Mango. 1/2 Red onion. 1/2 c. Cilantro. Chicken (optional). Drizzle a bit of lime juice (or I like a bit of PW salsa -- which is mostly raw veggies right?) on top and you're in business.