Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Everything Update

Well, my house has been turned upside down for the last two weeks.  Since our goal is to have the house for sale by April 1 our first order of business was the hole in our living room ceiling from our roof leak.  So all of our furniture gets pushed into the extra bedroom, we've also added new closet doors to the walk in closet, finished putting trim on a few hundred square feet that had been missing/broken/nasty, updated and moved some lighting, fixed some plumbing, boxing up rooms and extra stuff like crazy, pulling about half of our furniture out of the house an onto our patio so we can craigslist it (it's amazing how much stuff you accumulate after four years), and stayed up until midnight last night painting the front room.


So I've still been babysitting with all the tools and dust and I'm ready to get some order back in my life after a few weeks.  Another thing that happened is I was hired to score some tests again from home a minimum of 20 hours per week.  Since we are missing out on working this year during tax season I decided I should do that a well even though things are a bit crazy.  We're doing our best trying to be frugal etc. and pick up as much little money as we can.  Part of our frugality is we are still living without TV service (DURING MARCH MADNESS!!!!!) as well as limited Internet.  Darik is also driving Bountiful Baskets routes on saturday mornings when he can.  As for Darik' jobs he is going this week to Boise to interview there and we expect to hear from some other places next week.


So I'm pretty much a Costco convert - of course it's the perfect place on our new diet = all vegetables and hormone-free chicken.  The best thing about Costco?  Hormone-free chicken is $2.70/lb compared to $5/lb at Fred Meyer.  I don't know why I didn't go earlier, we're been paying SO much for groceries!!  Another thing I was never a big fan of buying a 5 lb. bag of organic carrots, but now that it's pretty much all we can eat we can pound it pretty quick.  I am so in love with that place now.

We've been on our super-strict diet for a litte over a month and Not to brag, but I think we're doing amazing!  We're strict about 99% of the time and only caved once for pizza when the choice was either that or starve.  Darik has lost 15 pounds in about a month and his new suit he bought for his Alabama interview is now baggy for his interview with Boise State tomorrow.  I've only lost about 5-10 but I feel a million times better. I have tons more energy and my constant nausea is gone - it only comes back if cheat (a little). I think we cheated with pizza one time and Darik still felt great while I was doubled over with nausea. It's like I barely have to look at sugar or bread to feel sick.   I'll be done on General Conference weekend and Darik is a week behind that. I think we are supposed to be slowly adding other foods back into our diet.  Darik wants that to mean that we can start having toast, jam, and cookies.  I think that should be lean beef, quinoa, and apples.  :-)    PS Distilled water is basically my favorite thing ever - I could tell the difference in less than a day.


  1. wow lots going on in the Anderson home! That is awesome that Darik lost 15 lbs and yeah I totally love Costco! You just have to be careful not to overspend :). Hope the interview went well I can't wait to hear where you guys are headed!

  2. When you talk about your house it makes me want to come see so I have a better visual of what you are talking about. I'm amazed at what you got done! Mom had to laugh when I said you were having distilled water after all the grief the Briscoes have put her through for drinking "special" water. Do you have someone to test if you've gotten rid of the yeast? I too feel nausous with sugar and grain.