Friday, April 01, 2011

We Are A Grumpy FaMiLy

I Love Daddy He Loves Me
We Love Mommy Yes-sir-ee
She Loves Us And So You See

We Are A Grumpy* Family

*Ellie's Lyrics of Choice

I guess it's fun to have a sassy girl, but our favorite part of Darik only having one night class this semester (thus freeing up Monday nights) is regular FHEs!! Hurray for fun! I even bought an FHE board on clearance at Deseret Book, and Ellie gave mommy the boring prayers and song and filled in all the fun stuff with daddy's name (including treat). And what did she assign herself? Games, of course!

pps This is my 700th post!!!!! Wowza.  What a crazy 5.5 years it's been!

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  1. I love Ellie! She says the most random funny things ever! She gives Tony a run for his money!