Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thirty and Flirty

The title of this post really isn't true, as Darik and I have discovered after 10 years of marriage we have forgotten how to flirt.  But that post is for another day, now, isn't it?

One of the reasons (among the many) that it's been a while since I blogged is that I knew this was my next post.  I kind of wanted this post to be smart, witty, funny, momentous.  I mean, 30.  30, ya know?  That's a pretty big occasion in one's life.  But since now I'm two months behind and I'm straining my brain muscles to even remember what happened that day . . . I figured just to get the darn post up.  The one word of wisdom I have to share about turning this:  embrace it (I guess that's two words).  In the twenties you kind of discover yourself and have babies and don't get sleep and change diapers.  The thirties is when your oldest turns 10 and you can leave them home alone while you and your hottie go out to a movie.  The thirties is when you grow out of your diaper bag and potty training.  In short, there's quite a bit to look forward to.  So just rock it.  No one wants to be the older lady trying desperately to look 20.  So embrace 30 and rock it.  Just love it.

My day of 30?  I turned 30 on Tuesday, April 26.  I wake up and . . . snow.  What a way to start a new decade.  It so happened that day parents were invited to have lunch with their Kindergartners down at Edahow.  Being that we're newbies to the whole thing, we didn't realize you can bring other food into the cafeteria.  So sorry, Jamie Oliver, I had a crispito and chocolate milk.   We show up and follow the K class down to the cafeteria.  Ellie just so happens to be glued to her on-again-off-again-boy, Ethan.  I told them I was just taking a pic of Ellie, but grabbed him in there so he could go in our scrapbook (I think that's why he's not smiling for a picture).  We spent so long at lunch that the bell rang and we had to walk El back to her class, halfway there Ethan took over the task and Darik and I stood and watched those two walk back to class.  I think both of us were almost in tears - it was such a poignant, my-kid-is-growing-up-moment.  It occurred to me to try to take a pic, a moment too late.

 D & I went back home with a Redbox movie (Tron, I think?) until Ellie got out of school.  You remember my grumpies earlier about the snow?  Turns out it was a blessing in disguise.  Darik was supposed to intern all day at athletic events that were canceled because of the snow.  So thank you snow,  for my husband on my birthday.  I had a free hamburger bday coupon from Ruby Tuesday, and we'd been on our strict diet for so long I hadn't had a hamburger in three months.  I was ready.  Yum!  See Ellie's imaginary binoculars at the bottom?  They are helping her find words in the word search :-) !  Anyways, add in a $4 strawberry/boston cream cake from WinCo and we were good to go.  All I asked for my bday was just a day at home with my family.  No craziness.  No hosting people.  Just us.  It was nice.
 What about fabulous birthday presents, you ask?  Well, well, well.  It so happens that the Scholastic Warehouse Sale was coming to Pocatello on the 28-30 (thurs-sat).  I signed up online as a volunteer after my SIL told me you earn $10/hr in free books and get to use a 25% coupon.  Did I mention all books at the sale were 50% off cover price?  So I requested from Darik, my mom, and Laura if they could help cover babysitting for me so I could go work the book fair.  The result?  Over $400 in books for FREE!  17 picture books, 4 hardback reference/poetry books, 17 middle grade and young adult books, and 25 early readers.  I was so in love with my books I think I would have nestled them in my bed and cuddled with them if Darik had let me.
Happy Birthday to Me! I don't have a picture of it but my mom also gave me most of her leatherbound classics collection, which includes Roots (which I picked off her bookshelf the summer I was 8 and read).  I'm pretty attached to some of those books!  So thank you everyone for making my 30th so freaking bookishly awesome!!

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  1. Happy late birthday! I take exception to 30's leaving baby stages as Miriam didn't come till I was 28. Thus at 31 I have a 3 yr old, 2 yr old and an infant- I won't be leaving baby stages for awhile! It does sound lovely and something to enjoy however.