Sunday, May 08, 2011

Three Long Years

Darik decided to return to school in fall 2008 to get a master's degree in physical education - athletic administration.  During those three years he completed at least 6 credit hours per semester in night courses, worked 50-70 hours per week on average, and served as elder's quorum president.  Phew.  It was not easy, and I had my eye on this day for a LONG time.  In fact Darik didn't even want to attend any graduation activities and I got him to just go for the hooding ceremony on Friday night and skip the general assembly Saturday morning.  Darik's family came down from Idaho Falls and my parents were there as well.  Not knowing if the degree will pay off, we at least knew one thing = we got our Daddy/Hubby back.
Ellie just loved everything about her daddy graduating. From the cake that his office bought him and that he brought home to us, to the family being around, to the little golden apple he earned, to the 'robe' daddy wore. Our favorite quote from her that day was, "Just because you are graduating does not mean that you just put a hood on. It means that you get to line up and decide who gets to be the superstar."

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  1. Hooray! I can relate a tiny bit- I was so glad when Eric was finished. Being a working man with a career is fabulous. Do you see either of you doing more schooling or is this it?