Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June Update

I literally have no recollection of when these events took place - but I'd say this was our June in a nutshell:

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!  Having fun at Edahow Playground.
 T-Ball.  Actually it was coach-pitch.  We didn't sign her up until after Kindergarten and the city doesn't let K graduates into Tball - Coach pitch is 1-3 grades, so there were some big 8 year olds out there.  We didn't know anyone on the team, and some of them were a head taller than her.  Ellie decided she likes this better than soccer.  In t-ball she gets the chance to touch the ball and have her own turn.  There were only tears once when she was tagged out.  But other than that the season was pretty fun.  They were the Rangers.   Darik and I were surprised how well she did even though she didn't get a season with the tee.  After a few pitches if the kids can't hit it they let them hit off of it, but all season I think she only had to hit off of it once.  The rest of the time she got some pretty solid hits out of it.  

During the month of June Ellie went from Level 1 Red Cross swimming lessons to Level 3!!  Talk about a miracle!  She went from being scared to put her face in the water to swimming and back floating about 10-15 feet on her own.   KK was a little sad she couldn't hop in the water with her, but I made sure we had something to play while we waited.  
 We had a ward party at the Outback Driving Range and Minigolf place.  It was such a nice party.  We showed up a little late.  My mom went out of town and I covered for her at SmileMakers, as well as Davis Dental, and babysitting.  I remember it got pretty crazy for a while there.  
 Here are my summer GIRLS!  I loved having Clair and Maddy come over and play - and one of our favorite things to do was a trip to the library.  Books are cool and stuf (esp since I have hundreds at home for Ellie, she doesn't need any more from the library!) but they have the best creative, imagination toys there.  Puppet shows, kitchen/diner, dress up, etc.  
The Claysons left town right before Ellie's bday, so we had them over for our small pool party on their own.  These three are water bugs.  Yep, LOTS of swimming this month.  The other picture is daddy sitting with his Father's Day Feast.  What a good daddy we have.  And in the corner is a pic from the Stephen's Performing Arts Center during intermission of Annie.  It was a super-fun family date.  
 More Baseball
 More swimming.  These shots are of Level 1 class where we had Maddy and Ellie in the same class.  After this session the teachers made sure to let us know that things would probably be better if we split the little rugrats up.  Apparently they just fed off each other and their hysteria would multiply.  Darn, cute, kids.

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