Tuesday, July 12, 2011


here's an update:

we finally figured a job wasn't falling in our laps to help us pay off our medical debt, so I told Darik regardless of if/when we get a new job we needed to do something about it.  we put our house for rent on craigslist and are expecting to receive a signed lease in the mail tomorrow.  we'll lose about $200 a month on it (better than losing $30k at one time) and we'll move to a basement apartment next to his work and save about $600 -- so we'll come out $400 ahead each month.  It's not pretty but it's a plan.  We are planning on moving this weekend and the new people moving in next weekend.  Darik actually just got back from an interview at Virginia Tech for a Asst Manager job.  It is a slight paycut, but the hours are 8-5 and then he'd only work about 20 nights/events per year.  Right now Darik works 80-90 nights/events per year.  So it would be HUGE how much more time he'd get with the family.  the other good news is that the guy he is replacing just took the job we wanted/applied for at florida state that we didn't even get a phone call for.  So I think it's a slight step down but step forward career wise.  I would just need to still try to find a PT job while Ellie is in 1st grade.  So we'll see.  We'll know by next Saturday on that job.  If it's a no we are good.  We'll be right next door to darik's work and will be able to see him more often, and I'm looking for jobs right now and he thinks he'd be able to get approval from the university to oversee more work/athletics stuff and get himself a raise.  So whatever happens will be good news.  I'm hoping once I get settled into the basement apartment I can catch up on blogging and a LOT of other things that have fallen by the wayside (reading!).  anyways, our house is full of boxes and i'm packing up as we speak.  so that's our update.  still crazy :-)

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